Why visit Bumthang?

Lets start off with the two most essential elements to a good life, cheese and beer!  While it might not be possible to take Bumthang Cheese and Draft Beer back home as souvenirs, you can definitely enjoy the two over a picnic lunch or an evening gala with the locals.  Bumthang is also famous for its Yathras, a hand spun wool, hand woven textile with designs exclusively woven by the locals. You can visit the Yathra production center to watch weavers create one of the most popular textiles in Bhutan. What more you ask? Well for the adventurers, we have many day hikes on which you can also visit some of the most scared temples. Speaking of sacred, Bumthang is also the most sacred place in Bhutan with Guru Rinpoche’s (founder of Vajrayana Buddhism) history dating back to 746 AD. Worried about long drives? Not a problem with the domestic flights available from Paro Interational Airport to Bumthang that will get you there in half an hour compared to the 10 hour drive! You can now get an extra day to enjoy this mythical, holy Switzerland of Bhutan.