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Room service

For comfort and convenience of our guests Room service is open from 7 AM – 9 PM. Please Dial 2004 for your order after referring the Room service Menu.


Located on second floor of the main building, the “Soelkhang” meaning dining has a sitting capacity for 120 people and offers multi cuisine menu from an appetizing buffet breakfast & lunch to four course dinner. During a warm sunny day at “Lingkha” meaning garden one can enjoy fabulous outdoor eating experience with spectacular views of the valley. DIAL 2004

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Located on the second floor of the main building, the resort boasts a separate bar with pool table, foosball and a variety of beverages.Dial 2002 for Bar.

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TSHOGKHANG (Conference Hall)

Located on first floor of the main building.
When every detail must be perfect, you can count on our advanced facilities and expert meeting professionals to deliver a productive and successful outcome.

Executive Boardroom: With an area of 650 square feet, this boardroom can accommodate up to 25 people.

General Conference Room: With an area of 1,200 square feet, this hall can accommodate up to 100 people.

Business equipments include: Computers, printers, Fax, Copier etc.

Business Services: Copy service, Fax service, Messenger Service, Network / Internet printing, delivery & pickup

Meeting equipment: AV equipment, CD player, LCD projector, Microphone, Rear Screen projection, Stage portable & podium.

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Located at the first floor of main building, the Spa at Yu-Gharling provides a serene and truly unforgettable experience amidst splendid view of the Jakar valley and the surrounding wilderness while you are soaking in the hot tubs. Facilities include:
Steam room, Sauna room, Jacuzzi, traditional stone bath and Massage.
We require 2 hours notice in advance for preparation. Please DIAL 2056 for details.

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CHOESHAM (Altar Room)

Located at 1st floor of the main building, the CHOESHAM is ideal for meditation, yoga, teachings and wedding ceremonies. For details please contact Front Desk at 2059

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Located on the first floor of main building, the “Trodekhang” meaning room for resting & enjoyment offers a large sitting area with various facilities consisting of:
Café offers varied choice of herbal tea and coffee with cakes, cookies & pastries. This is a perfect place to meet or conduct your appointments.
Gift shop, this in hotel gift shop offers a varied selection of finest handmade arts and crafts brought in from various parts of rural Bhutan. Intricately hand woven women & men’s costumes, hand carved wooden masks, post cards and handcrafted jewelry are available.
Business Center is equipped with internet, three computers, printer, fax & copy machine to perform your businesses.

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Laundry Service & Telephone Operator


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