Welcome to Yugharling Resort & Spa

Yugharling Resort has been in full operation since its opening in 2009. With years of experience behind us, we are one of the biggest resorts in Bumthang, boasting 44 rooms equipped with modern amenities while still maintaining the authenticity of the valley. The resort has been built on mud bricks and the exterior is mud washed with no chemicals. The intricate traditional painting you’ll see on the windows and doors are made from vegetable dyes. We strongly believe in protecting our nature and leaving behind as little carbon footprint as possible. You will see this philosophy incorporated into our daily operations.

As soon as you enter the resort, the warmth from our locally made fireplace and the aroma of warm tea and coffee from our lobby cafe will stimulate your vacation mode right away. While you sip on your hot beverage, our friendly front staff will work on checking you in. We know you are drained from your long drive and to tackle that, our spa is equipped with hot stone bathtubs, steam rooms, a sauna, and a spa.

Do take a few seconds to browse our website to get detailed information on all our facilities. We hope you have a comfortable stay at Yugharling Resort.